Wednesday, October 04, 2006


The press conference for the 35th new film festival in Montreal is held on October 3 at the Just for Laughs Museum. The city is hosting annually at least 5 film festivals, and the latter is one of its events.

During the press meeting, we are informed by the organizers that the festival will honor 189 films, i.e 111 of long and 79 of short films, coming from 39 participating countries. “Volver” will be featured at the closing day. This movie, which has much success at Cannes this year, will represent Spain in the Oscar 2007 nomination for the foreigner category. With Pedro Almodovar as director and Penelop Cruz, a Hollywood actress who plays a leading role, the film promises to be a big hit.

In the “Louve D’or” competition, there is a total of 18 movies, among them let’s cite the one from South Korea directed by Chang-Ho-Cho of “Peter Pan Formula”. Besides, we notice many well known directors like Lars Von Trier (Denmark) of “The Boss of it all”, Tsai-Ming Lang (Taiwan) of “I don’t want to sleep alone”, or Amos Gitai (Israel/France/Belgium) of “News from House”, just to mention a few.

Let’s welcome the rising of all new talents for the 7th art in the human history.

La Toàn Vinh


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